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Michael Creswell Dooley

Michael is an Australian born pianist composer, song writer and producer.

He studied classical and jazz piano, and composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of music.

Styles he has composed and produced in include Classical, Jazz, Pop, Celtic, Soft Rock, Latin, Reggae, gospel, R&B, Country, Children’s songs and World music, his knowledge of which has been enhanced by living and performing in the orient, India and the middle east for a number of years.


  • Studied composition at NSW Conservatorium in Sydney, and jazz and classical piano privately.
  • Spent many years in South east Asia and the Middle East doing humanitarian work, including a lot of music.
  • Musical director for 5 years of a troupe of Western musicians and dancers dedicated to performing middle eastern folk music and original compositions including producing a full length CD in Arabic.
  • Written and produced many songs and instrumental compositions, many in a ministry context. Children’s songs have been used in popular children TV series aired on US networks.
  • Currently playing jazz piano professionally in Canberra and surrounding areas.
  • Have done screen composition professionally for the award winning DVD series “The Torchlighters”.
  • Won award for “artistic vision” in 2010. Currently producing and performing on an album for up and coming international jazz artiste “Pearl Noire”.
  • Recently commissioned by double Grammy award winning composer Art Phillips to compose 2 CDs of original piano music for his personal production music library.

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